Camden CX-12



Camden CX-12  Switching Network

Camden‘s CX-12 switching network has been designed for high reliability, improved security and easy installation. The controller operates as a make/break relay and as a bi-directional door sequencer, for control of two automatic door operators, with 3 adjustable time/delays.
Applications: Ideal for automatic door applications with momentary or maintained inputs, with an input for connection to telephone entry systems and fire alarm systems.

The CX-12 Performs two functions:

Switching Network
(De) energize electric locks (including magnetic locks or electric strikes) and activate automatic door operator with adjustable time delays. Extend trigger to maintain signal to door operators in EVAC door applications. Simplify wiring in telephone entry applications by eliminating the need for an isolating relay (to switch)

Bi-Directional Door Sequencer
Sequence two automatic doors in both directions. A typical application is controlling two vestibule doors, with sequential (time delayed) opening upon activation of both an exterior and interior door control switch.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 3 cm

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